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We install cables between major limbs to reduce strain on the tree. With the correct support, your tree could live for many more worry free years.


More Than just a Tree Service Company


Trees are the largest living things on the planet. However, even a small tree can pose some risk to person and property


We have a solution For all your Tree Service needs

"The crew from Sunrise Tree Service came yesterday to trim six trees on our small lot, and what a great job they did! They arrived on time, and because it was a Saturday morning, held off using any powered saws until 9 a.m. so neighbors wouldn't be upset. They did a great job shaping the trees and cleaning out all the dead branches while also carefully trimming the limbs that hang over into neighbors' yards. They were really pleasant and courteous and the cleanup job was thorough, and unlike other tree service companies I've hired, they didn't trample/kill my other plants near the trees being trimmed. It's a pleasure working with people who really take pride in what they do" (Martha. Yahoo Local)

A dead stump can attract insects that can attack your home. They can also be a hazzard for friends and family. We match our equipment and machines to the size of the stump for quick removal.

Tree trimming gets rid of the dead bark and branches and allows there to be more room for new growth. It can also help protect your home and loved ones from dangerous limbs.

exelent customer service since 1991

Sunrise Tree Service offers professional management of trees on properties of all sizes.
We are a family own and operated tree service company for over twenty years in the tree care industry, 
with the tools and equipment to handle any tree service project.
As one of the licensed contractors in the Bay area we have a strong and loyal client base
consisting of development companies,schools, hospitals  and of course, homeowners.
Sunrise Tree Service is based upon current good arboricultural practice and knowledge allied with many years of experience and a balanced appreciation of tree issues in man made environments.
Our operational base  is located in Palo Alto California and serves the San Francisco area,peninsula and south Bay